Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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upcoming comedy gigs

Friday. 3/16/07 7pm
Showtimes: 7pm, seating starts at 630
laugh lounge comedy club
151 essex st at stanton
take the f to delancey
$10 before 645, $12 after
2 drink min
212-614-2500 for reservations

I am producing and performing in this next one.
Thursday April 5th 9:30pm
The Duplex http://www.theduplex.com/
$7 cover 2 drink minimum
The line up is
Joe Roacha is hosting
Joe Dixon
Brian Marks
Becky Donahue
This show is only 1 hour long. Every one is getting 15minutes to perform. Since this show is only 1 hour, we will get you in and out real quick.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Scientists are often viewed as authorities. Its assumed they know what they are talking about AND that they are not whack jobs.

The NASA astronaut who tried to kill another woman in competition for the affection of another astronaut certainly proves a scientist, even one who has passed psych tests can in fact be a whack job. I sure the emotional life of an astronaut can push someone over the edge into an almost juvenille type of crime.

Scientists who back creationism or "intelligent" design are whack jobs. Science at its most basic level deals with the observable world. God or any type of intelligent designer is unobservable.

Scientists who back 9/11 inside jobs are whack jobs. They give authority to nonsense ideas of the 9/11 truth movement. The whole point of the conspiracy movement is to blame Bush and Corporate America for 9/11 and fit the facts to that conclusion. That isn't science!

While I believe global warming is real, the whole issue has become political. The evidence is former US VP Al Gore going around the world with his documentary.

Oregon's top state climatologist is being fired by Oregon's gov't because he disagrees with the concept of mankind being responsible. Its the position of Oregon the mankind is responsible. I understand the majority of scientists take the position that mankind is behind global warming. Not all of the scientists are climatologists and scientists are subject to their own political agendas both for and against.

Most scientists are trained in an area of science but not necessarily in critical thinking. Scientist have been fooled by people claiming psychic powers. These people were simply magicians posing as psychics.

Anyone can get a Phd and in any subject. All one needs to do is study and have the money to pay for the education. Many whack jobs find a way to do this.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

art & nudity

I was watching a documentary on Spencer Tunick. He goes around the world getting hundreds if not thousands of people to pose nude in public, a novel idea. I think I want to participate. I went to his website and dropped my name in for future NYC projects. Don't beleive it is going to happen.

I have thought about appearing nude on stage. Yes I am sure it would be a comedy show but I would not do it at a comedy show. I guess I would have to creat an enviornment where that would be acceptable.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Get Rich, Get Motivated Market

I attended the Real Estate and Wealth expo at the Javits Center a month or so ago. The Learning Annex produced it. It seems the get rich quick market it huge. At least 15,000 people attended this event. I am of course very interested in finding a method of income that will remove "job" from my vocabulary as were the 15,000 other attendees. I don't like jobs or their requirements and yet would like to make enough money to live excessively well. For me that means live in Manhattan, summer in the Hamptons, winter in Aspen despite no interest in skiing, fringe festivals, comedy festivals, wine tastings, art exhibits, strange performance art events, Knick games, Broadway plays and having friends I don't give a shit about. I would love to do things because...everyone else is and get there by doing something no one else is doing. Of course, attending an event that 15,000 people are at hardly means finding a method no one else is doing.

The get rich quick world is highly suspect and should be. It plays on people's desires, not intellect. Where does 1 draw the line between a high pressure sales pitch for a fraudulent "program" and a high pressure sales pitch for legit program that can in fact make you money IF you do the work?

I arrived late on both days so I caught only a few "sessions". The Learning Annex did not mention the times of the 4 major headliners but hinted Trump would close on Sunday night. I was going for Jim Cramer and he did 8am Saturday morning. I missed him so I was pissed.

Everyone who speaks is selling something and they are always getting you to Act Now!. Here is how a lecture went. they would tell you how great their system was. They would talk in generalities. Than the sales pitch would come. You sat through a 30 minute commercial. Every program started out at $10,000 and came down to btween $1500 and $2000. Specific investments got into details. Donald Trump, Robert Kiwosaki, Jim Cramer and Tony Robbins were the headliners.

The first "lecture" I attended was for Raymond Aaron, a self help coach who gave a 90 minute commercial because he was just selling coaching. It made certain sense. Sports teams have a team coach to get winning records. Individual athletes have coaches and trainers to improve their game. Actors have acting coaches, managers and agents to improve their acting and career. You need to do likewise for your financial and personal life and this guy was the guy to do it so says he IF he accepts you and you pay $2000 if you act now. After 20 minutes I didn't want to sit through a commercial and I sat through the whole 90 minutes.

I attended the Tony Robbins lecture Saturday afternoon. He was a headliner for the show on the first night. He 4 hours or so and I loved it. He did his motivational stuff, said alot. He got specific. He was selling something but his lecture did not turn into a sales pitch. The selling of his products was soley done in the "dealer's room" Yes they had a dealer's room!

After Tony Robbins another lecture started immediately. This guy was selling an investment strategy in tax liens. For 60 minutes he gave lots of specifics. A tax lien is something out on a property if the owner does not pay his property tax. If he does not pay eventually the house can be forclosed, you yourself can begin the forclosure process. The tax lien lecture was the third I saw but the first one where an actual system to make money was discussed. The 2 previous lectures were motivational guys/coaches. This guy pretty much said that getting rich quick was bullshit but here was a good way to invest your money that is better than a savings account or CDs. He talked for 90 minutes, the first 60 was good, the last 30 was his commercial. For $2000 you got his system to teach you how toget into tax liens but I felt that I could probably get this info for like $100. He gave the impression not a lot of people buy tax liens, they were secure...if you checked the underlying propery out first. After him it was 10pm I had sat down for 8 hours of lectures and saw only 3 guys.

Sunday came. Same deal, I came late. Started off with a commercial real estate lecture. It was interesting. I believe the system was sound but not my cup of tea. Once again 60 minutes of details and 30 minutes of commercials. A $10,000 program reduced to $2000 if you acted right than!

2nd lecture was a hypnotist. He was very interesting. Dealt with training your subconscious for success. I liked what he said and have since bought 2 $15 cds, 1 for weight loss and the other for self estreem problems. Of course his program was $2000. He was alot like Tony Robbins but he staed in his time limit. It did not surprise me he started his career as a magician becuase he was a stage hypnotist and did a show the night before. But once again a $2000 dollar CD program with going to an upcoming hypnotherapy weekend with the ability to go to future ones for free. Too much money. I can get several sessions with a hypnotist for $500 or listen to the 2 cds I bought for $15 dollars which I enjoy very much.

I saw Donald Trump give a speech. He is a character for sure. Did not learn a damn thing from him. Of course his books/real estate programs were on sale in the dealers room. Did not gain much from anything he said.

I bought 2 Tony Robbins CDs totaling $50 at Barnes and Noble and 2 hypnotherapy cds for $30 also at B & N. My friend is a real estate lawyer and can get me tax lien info for free or at least point me in the right direction.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


As much as I was into improv, I never was in an improv group. Especially one made up of good improvisers.

When I took UCB classes, there was some good people in it. I never did scenes with them. Although I did suck at the time. I didn't realize it but I did. For some reason I had the outlook that I knew what I was doing...because I knew things the other people in the class did not know. I knew the structure of improv long forms and different things that could be done but I had put no thought into how to do a good scene.

When I took classes at Gotham City Improv, they kept failing me. I didn't fully understand at first. I think part of the reason was the same shitty outlook. I knew alot more than the students around me. In addition I thought alot of the exercises were stupid, I still do today. I did them half ass. They kept telling me I was bad at scene work but other people in class seemed worse than me. On top of that we didn't do real scene work. Everything related to "scenes" were through the stupid scene work. The people who I thought were bad went on to graduate the program. And went on to improv troupes at Gotham which was what my goal was. Really pissed me off.

I had taken an ongoing improv class with Asaf Ronen. It was the best improv class I took but it wasn't associated with a theater. Therefore very few people took it. We just did scenes. No weird exercises like at Gotham or UCB. It felt great to just do the scenes.

Anyway I have always been interested in getting an improv troupe formed.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I got a video ipod. Its the 30 gig one and I an using 5g. I have most of cd library in it. I can't find a few cds. Some cds won't go into the ipod because it can't find the names of the sond on the internet.

I downloaded Gregorian Chant. I meditate to it. Great, a Jewish boy meditating to Christian chanting in Latin. I also got Hindi music, and Zen meditation music. Hmmm. I also meditate to Yo Yo Ma.

I can't stop listening to Monty Python. I burned 1 cd I had and downloaded some more.