Sunday, December 31, 2006

art & nudity

I was watching a documentary on Spencer Tunick. He goes around the world getting hundreds if not thousands of people to pose nude in public, a novel idea. I think I want to participate. I went to his website and dropped my name in for future NYC projects. Don't beleive it is going to happen.

I have thought about appearing nude on stage. Yes I am sure it would be a comedy show but I would not do it at a comedy show. I guess I would have to creat an enviornment where that would be acceptable.


Blogger Roger Coss said...

Hello Brian,
As you live in NYC you have a good chance of being able to pose for Spencer at some point. Go to his My Space site an ask to be made a friend, and tell him your location. He sends out bulletins about small group installations. If you want to see more of Spencer's art, including some of his lesser known individual portraits, come to our site and feel free to comment. We have accounts by participants of installations as well.

12:42 PM  

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